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about us carretera central european charter of san gimignano

Carretera Central Onlus is a NGO which deals in a predominant way with advocacy for the rights of the unaccompanied migrant minors and adults, migrants and refugees. The association handles also with international cooperation, also awareness-raising activities on the mentioned issues. The association is present with an own center in Siena, Cosenza, Pescara and Milan.

The association’s activities take place largely in the Italian territory in relation to the local activities, regarding the activities of international solidarity are addressed to Latin America zone, and to all the zones of international crisis. In the last few years the association grew up more and more organizing activity in many places of the national territory. Carretera Central Onlus is part of two important national networks, Arci (Italian Recreational and Cultural Association) and Nova (National consortium for the social innovation) it deals with the “new poverty” and social marginalisation. Carretera Central Onlus is also the leading of two networks, the international “Circomondo” network for the social circus for the street children and the thematic network of the “European Charter for the rights of the unaccompanied migrant minors and separated children”.

The association Carretera Central Onlus works to:

  • improve the quality of the life in the places where it’s active;
  • enhance the action of the local institutions which are present in the areas of intervention;
  • promote actions of human and professional formation that help the younger, the migrant and the refugees involved to insert them in the social life as active and aware citizens;
  • increase awareness the Italian public opinion on the reality and the life’s quality of the involved subjects, promoting fundraising, cultural and inclusion’s initiatives;
  • formation of volunteers and operators to increase the professionalism .


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