History of the Charter

The History of the European Charter of San Gimignano begins during the second edition of Circomondo (San Gimignano 2015), the international festival of Social Circus organized by Carretera Central Onlus.

During these three years the Charter begins a long path to obtain the support and consensus both in Italy and in Europe, a path which aims to the realization of this ambitious project. Here, so, you can find (in a backwards journey) all the stages to this path (caravan).

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Festa della Toscana (San Gimignano, 30th November 2017)

The European Charter of San Gimignano came back in the city where it born in the occasion of the celebration of Tuscany Region. The Charter was the lead of a workshop with its partner, during which have been talk of the story, its developments and the future of the project. The Charter, represented by Adriano Scarpelli, president of Carretera Central, also took part at the Opened City Council of San Gimignano, during which the Alderman Vittorio Bugli communicated the adhesion of Tuscany Region to the Charter project’s.

The Region support has been a great achievement for the project that find in this way another force to go forward in its purpose.

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Milano Mondo (Milano, 14th November 2017)

Sergio Di Giorgi, film critic and supporter of the European Charter of San Gimignano project, talk about the Charter to the present during the initiative “Milano Mondo. Migrazioni e coscienza dei territori”- Conference and States General of the immigration, took place in Milan from 17 to 20 November, promoted and organized from the department of Social Politics of Milan municipality.

He spoke during the “third table” of the Conference ( “Children of the world: reception and protection of the “unaccompanied minors”) coordinated by Barbara Lucchesi (Milan municipality) and Valentina Polizzi ( Save The Children).

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Fiera del Levante (Bari, 12th September 2017)

The “Fiera del Levante” of Bari, in which the italian excellences met, it reserved a prestigious space of close examination to the discussion on the project that will bring “For an European Charter for the Rights of the Unaccompanied Migrant Minors and Separated Children” (under the project “Famiglie in Fiera”).
During the meeting organized by the network “Città dei Bimbi” from Bari, chaired from the journalist Elisa Forte, showed the strength of the partnership between the social word and the political institutions, concretely careful to the suffering universe of the unaccompanied minors. From the South, place where arrived a lot of unaccompanied migrants, to the European heart, to evolved Municipalities and Cities (not only Italian) and the organizations of the civil society in the development of a careful culture to the young people that, without difference of colour, they will build the European future.


Giacomo Bassi – San Gimignano’s city mayor

Adriano Scarpelli – president of Carretera Central, vooluntary associations and international cooperation – Siena

Taking part:

Anna Vita Perrone – manager of Teca of the Mediterranean

Antonio Decaro – president of Anci national

Francesca Bottalico – alderman to the Welfare of Bari municipality

Carlo Salvemini – mayor of Lecce

Elena Gentile – Member of the European Parliament (PD)

Rosa D’Adamo – Member of the European Parliament (M5S)

Salvatore Negro – alderman to the Welfare of Apulia Region

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European Parliament (Bruxsselles, 28th June 2017)

The “European Charter of San Gimignano for the Rights of the Unaccompanied Migrant Minors and Separated Children” has been presented to the European Parliament , with an initiative promoted by the Honourable Silvia Costa, in collaboration with San Gimignano municipality and Carretera Central.

Work Programme:

  • Opening remarks by Silvia Costa, Member of the European Parliament.
  • Movie trailer “Lost Children. Thirdy Thousand Minors Missing” directed by Chiara Sambuchi.

Coordinator: Luca Attanasio, journalist and writer


  • Adriano Scarpelli, President of the voluntary association Carretera Central
  • Giacomo Bassi, City Mayor San Gimignano
  • Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament
  • Patrizia Toia, Head of the SD Italian Delegation
  • Cécile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament
  • ANCI representative ( National Association of Italian Municipality)
  • Project’s partners representative

During the initiative have been proposed the testimonies of the migrant minors and others, before the conclusions of the Honourable Silvia Costa.

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CHILDREN OF THE WORLD UNITE! (Fosdinovo, 17th June 2017)

A dialogue between a basic paediatrician and artist, that choose to give a contribution to the construction of a new open and supportive cultural identity, and some representatives of Tuscany ARCI, an association that from sixty years is in the first line against the racism and the discrimination.
Have been talked about a clinic where fables are told, of a social circus for the violated childhood and of the “works” brought ahead by the association Carretera Central for an European Charter for the Rights of the Migrant Minors, for the fundamental right to the happiness, the true theme of the NININ Festival.
With Andrea Satta (a basic paediatrician and songwriter), Carla Cocilova ( Tuscany ARCI, officer of international solidarity) and Adriano Scarpelli ( president of the association Carretera Central).


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SPEECH TO THE 24th EDITION OF “Sguardi Altrove Film Festival” (Milan, 12th-19th March 2017)

Carretera Central brought the Charter to the 24° edition ofSguardi Altrove Film Festival“, to the occation of the International premiere of “Lost Children. 30.000 minors missing” of Chiara Sambuchi. Adriano Scarpelli, president of the association, intervened to the debate after the projection of the documentary, together with representatives of Amnesty International-Italy, Emergency, Save the Children. Has been presented the project “ The Charter of San Gimignano” and steps that is being made to realizing it.


There are thousands. Children, boys, adolescents, from 9 to 16 years old. From the start of 2014 at least 200.000 unaccompanied minor migrants arrived in Europe, from Middle East and Africa, and they crossed alone the continent, without any adult on their side, easy prey for the criminal organisation both european and from their home countries. According to the authorities at least 10.000 of them are missing along the street, but other estimates talks about a number three times higher. Between Italy, Germany, Englans, Grance, like a real investigation, the movie go in their trail.

Script: Chiara Sambuchi

Producer: Chiara Sambuchi

Production: LAVAFILM; in collaborazione con ZDF, Arte Cinema

Section: “Diritti Umani, Oggi”


Born in 1957 in Pesaro, Italy. She has studied Philosophy at the University of Bologna, classic guitar at Pesaro’s Music School and Journalism in Berlin. She worked as editor at the RAI’s office in Berlin and she co-founded LAVAFILM company. she directed documentaries and reportage for several stations like ARD, ARTE, Rai and History Channel. Her documentaries Wrong Planet, Good Morning Africa, Today and City of Women were presented at the major world festivals.

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Through the European Charter of San Gimignano for the Rights of Unaccompanied Minor Migrants and Separated Children (San Gimignano, 10th-11th December 2016)

Programme (qui)

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XXII Edition of MIA – International Anti-racist Meeting (Cecina Mare, 13th-17th July 2016)

During the last day of the International Meeting against the racism of Cecina, Adriano Scarpelli – president of Carretera Central, the association that organized Circomondo Festival – and Giacomo Bassi, mayor of San Gimignano, together with the Journalist of Left Tiziana Barillà have presented the “Charter of San Gimignano”. Among the issues arising the necessity of an automatic European visa and of the demolition of the barriers of the Dublin system for the minors. Have spoken during the meeting as partner of the project, Pietro Venè from Chiesa Valdese Fiorentina, Anna Brambilla from Asgi and Atillio Aleotti expert of International Cooperation.

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Conference “The Condition of the Minor Migrants in Italy and in the World” (San Gimignano, 28th January 2016)

In the occasion the second edition of the International Festival of Social Circus- Circomondo in June 26/27/28/ 2015 in San Gimignano, took place the conference entitled “The condition of the minor migrants in Italy and in the World and the routes of minor migrations”. During the conference have participated important expert in the theme of International cooperation, of the minors rights and together with representatives of ONGs . The contribution given by the rapporteurs (Tiziana Barillà, Attilio Aleotti, Vincenzo Castelli , Chiara Sambuchi, Carla Cocilova, Tiziana Bianchini, Alessandro Sansoni, Pietro Venè, Anna Brambilla) has created the idea for a “Charter of San Gimignano for the rights of the unaccompanied migrant minors”.

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2nd CIRCOMONDO FESTIVAL (San Gimignano, 26th-27th-28th June 2015)

The prologue of the Charter is Circomondo, international festival of social circus with younger from all part the world. The first edition of the festival took place in Siena in 2012 and the promoter is Carretera Central, an ONG from Siena, together with Siena Arci, with the contribution of Tavola Valdese and in Partnership with National Arci, Regional Arci, National Consortium Nova. The initiative born by the experience that the association matured in the specific action on the Social Circus in Brazil, that brought in the years a deepen analysis to the phenomenon of the juvenile uneasiness, of the exploitation of child labour, of the sexual violence, the exclusion and the violation of the rights of the infancy of the “street children.” The second edition in 2015 was specifically dedicated to the juvenile migration and during the seminars was born the idea about a project for the rights of unaccompanied and refugees migrant minors.