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Press Release European Charter of San Gimignano

June 26, 2016                                         PRESS RELEASE
“For an European Charter for the Rights of the unaccompanied foreign migrant minors”

June 26, 2016 PRESS REPORT

“For an European Charter for the Rights of the unaccompanied foreign migrant minors”

This is the project that on Wednesday 28th June at 3 p.m. will be introduced to the European Parliament (Room ASP 3H1), in Brussels.

The initiative, promoted by the Association Carretera Central, was conceived following the Festival of the Social Circus Circomondo ( which is dedicated to the Migrant Minors’ issue, and which is set up in partnership with the Municipality of San Gimignano, Diaconia Valdese Florentine, ASGI, ARCI, CNCA, Consorzio Nova, Weekly Left, Association On the Road,,, Social Cooperative Betadue, has been lucky enough to receive the active support of Silvia Costa and the collaboration of Elly Schlein (MEP), and will be now brought to the attention of the European Parliament, of the NGOs, of the Voluntary Associations and Organizations that play an active role in this field .

As a first step of this project, an International Seminar will be set up in San Gimignano, this autumn, that, starting from the preliminary work completed until now, will lead to elaborate the Charter’s final text.

Besides the more institutional aspect of providing the European Union with a clear picture of the Fundamental Rights recognized to Unaccompanied Migrant Minors in order to guarantee legislative change and concrete action by all Member States, the aim is to promote a real cultural campaign, starting from people, in every EU Member State, involving Local Institutions, the Organizations and the Individuals that have the values of solidarity, acceptance and human rights at heart, providing particular attention to the condition of Unaccompanied Minors who represent an ever-increasing percentage of migratory flows toward the UE. Those entities, only in 2016, have watched the disappearance of over 10.000 boys and girls (over 5.000 in Italy) from their protection systems.

A recent dramatic increase of xenophobic and sometimes expressly racist sentiments throughout Europe is trampling on the fundamental principles and core values that are the framework of the ideaof the European Union. A clear and strong answer is required, it cannot be left only to European Institutions, whose inclusion is obviously a fundamental and essential asset, but it is also required that European Citizens are involved directly, the People’s Europe, the dream of the Father Founders in which the bridges, not the walls, are built, the Europe that recognizes and guarantees peoples’ rights and doesn’t limit them, the Europe that faces the challenges of today while respecting and giving importance to the values of democracy and concrete solidarity.

Along our Journey, the initiative which came out on June 28th doesn’t represent a point of arrival but it represents an important checkpoint of this project, which will have to keep going, starting from here, with a renewed strength and a still greater participation and support, open to the collaboration of all those who would like to contribute to its success.


Opening remarks
Silvia Costa MEP – S&D CULT coordinator

Movie trailerLost Children. Thirty Thousand Minors Missing” directed by Chiara Sambuchi

Luca Attanasio Journalist, Writer

Adriano Scarpelli President of the NGO Carrettera Central Giacomo Bassi City Mayor of San Gimignano
Elly Schlein Member of the European Parliament Patrizia Toia Head of the SD Italian Delegation Cécile Kyenge Member of the European Parliament

Others speakers: Founding partners:
Walter Massa (Arci Italian Recreative and Cultural Association)
Pietrò Venè e Davide Arca ( Valdese Fiorentina Church) Chiara Sambuchi (Director Lavafilm) Tiziana Barillà (Journalist

Associazione “Virtus Italia”
Associazione “Bambini+Diritti” e casa di accoglienza “Le Colonne d’Ercole” Associazione “Agevolando”
Leonardo Cavaliere gestore del Blog “Minori Stranieri non Accompagnati” Ali Ehsani writer, arrived in Italia like MSNA.

Press release European Charter of San Gimignano