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Press Release European Charter of San Gimignano

July 02, 2017                                           PRESS RELEASE
“For an European Charter for the Rights of the unaccompanied foreigners migrant minors”
Post Brussel

On the 28th of June 2017, the association Carretera Central introduced the project “For an European Charter for the Rights of the Unaccompanied Migrant Minors” to the European Parliament in Brussels; a project conceived following “Circomondo Festival”, dedicated to children living on the streets.

the President Adriano Scarpelli started with the opening remarks this meeting moderated by Luca Attanasio, also the MPEs Silvia Costa (promoter of the meeting, to whom is due a particular thanks for the effort and support shown throughout) attended as speaker, as well as Elly Schlein, Cécile Kyenge and Patrician Toia. The presence of Mayor Giacomo Bassi, patron of the whole project, and the Alderman for Culture Carolina Taddei, who both represented the Municipality of San Gimignano, was greatly appreciated. Other spekers were director Chiara Sambuchi, presenting her documentary “Lost Children Thousands Minors Missing”, Walter Massadi from Arci Nazionale and also Pietro Venèe and Davide Arca from the Italian Church Valdese.

Fausto Bertoncini, Fulvio Scarpelli and Anna Taverna from Carrettera Central Organization also attended the debate as well as Kimete Hasimaj and Ilaria Colò, who are part of the project’s coordinating staff.

It is important to mention that as well as Carretera Central, coordinator of the project, there are also promoting partners and founders of the concept such as: Diaconia Valdese Florentine, ASGI, ARCI, Weekly Left, CNCA, Consortium Nova, On The Road Onlus,,, Cooperativa Sociale Betadue. All entities are committed effectively to the Unaccompanied Minor Migrants’ rights.

Leonardo Cavaliere (, Matteo Mennini from Bambini + diritti, Carmine Cerrone from Virtus Italy Onlus, Diletta Mauri from Agevolando have shared their experiences during the debate, Ahsan Shabbir, Ehsani Alen, Jerreh Jaiteh, Ledio Cullhaj and Malick Samba, former Unaccompanied Migrant Minortoday living in Italy, with their presence, have testified the path that brought them to our Country. We hope that these and other entities or individuals will join the project playing an active role.

After a brief presentation of the first steps which have already been taken, the next stages and actions have been outlined:

  • creation of an European network formed by the subjects that have already join or that will play an active role in the future (ONG, local corporate body, Parliamentary National and MPEs….);
  • organization of an International Seminar to be held in San Gimignano next autumn involving experts in the field of humanitarian aid, Public Officers that play an active role in order to elaborate and to define a final text of European Charter to submitt to the European Institutions;
  • launch of a political and cultural campaign in Italy and in the UE Member States to support the Charter, promoting the Rights of Under-age Migrants and having the purpose to prevent the xenophobic and racist culture which occur at an even more alarming and frequent rate.

During his speech, the Mayor of San Gimignano thanked “all those who have contributed to create the Charter and to submit it to the European Parliament. Special thanks were due to Carretera Central and the Honorable Silvia Costa: the two pillars of this experience. In the temple of continental democracy it was an incredible feeling, to hear the name of San Gimignano linked to such an important ethical theme such as the one that the Charter presents. San Gimignano, a World Heritage Site, wants to take care of Humanity, especially the poorest and most unprivileged.”

The president of the NGO Carretera Central said he was honored to have launched in collaboration with his partners the movement of the “Charter” and to be one of its coordinators, reflecting the spirit that drives the Festival “Circomondo”, dedicated to the Street Children: he also outlined that the founding values of European Democracy are at stake as well as the basis of the European Union, this is the reason why he will be committed to create cultural acceptance and support to this initiative starting from the lowest level, involving the Municipalities, the Local Authorities and the Civil Society Organizations, in all respects. He also stated that we are only at the beginning of an exciting and rich way of sharing ideas and contributions.

The founding partners of the “Carta of San Gimignano” have signed a memorandum on the commitments that have driven its concept from the start and will now be shared with those who will support the idea that we all have put into action.

It’s time for ideas and inclusive proposals, that we will be collecting all together in order to achieve the final text of the “Carta of San Gimignano” and to start the European campaign.

Next step in San Gimignano, Italy, Autumn 2017.

Press Release European Charter of San Gimignano